Why Steam Cleaning is VITAL for Protecting against Viruses & Bacteria

Protecting yourself and your family is currently at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the fight against COVID-19 in full effect, the world is taking precautions to help eliminate the spread of the disease. But what are some additional measures you can be taking to protect from spreading it?


Our specialized techniques at 360 Express ensure that we remove 99.99% of viruses & bacteria from your vehicle. Research has shown that there are 700 potentially dangerous germs per square inch on the interior of your vehicle. Simply going to an automated car wash where the same towels are used on multiple vehicles a day to wipe down your interiors surface only spread more germs and do not truly clean. Or if you try to disinfect the interior surfaces on your own, you could potentially be causing damage to your vehicles interior by not using the appropriate products and techniques, resulting in fading, cracking or discoloration.

Using a combination of heat and high pressure, steam penetrates deep into surface pores, eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, germs, dirt, residue & grease without relying on harsh chemicals. It even takes care of the chemical films left behind by other inferior cleaning products. The cleaning power of steam yields endless possibilities. Completely natural, steam lifts heavy stains from fabric, dislodges incrusted dirt, melts away grease or grime, kills molds, mildew and even exterminates mites that may be found in the upholstery of your vehicle.


Some Virus’s, such as COVID-19 can live on hard surfaces up to 7 days. Simply touching an infected surface and then touching your, mouth, nose or eyes can complete the transmission. PURTEQ® takes the Fight to the surface for up to 90 days. While PURTEQ® cannot eliminate the possibility of person to person transfer and is not a replacement for good hygiene and social distancing, it can give you and your family an added layer of Protection and Confidence. You can appreciate that you are actively fighting the Disease with Enhanced Cleaning Procedures like the PURTEQ® PROTECTION SYSTEM to keep you and your family safe.

PURTEQ® has developed a safe and effective formula that Purifies surfaces and continues to fight the spread Harmful Contaminants even after the initial treatment for up to 90 days. These results are achieved through the photocatalytic properties, creating a self-cleaning surface barrier. Once treated, the Anti-Microbial Barrier Coating and Photocatalytic Minerals will eliminate harmful particles as they are deposited on treated surfaces.


Our vehicles interior surfaces are something that we encounter every day. These surfaces are being touched after coming in contact with the outside world, be it after we leave the grocery store while handling the grocery cart or credit card reader, touching the pump at the gas station or what we may come in contact with at our place of employment. Even while taking precautions with social distancing and good hygiene, knowing that your vehicles surfaces have been thoroughly steam cleaned to remove the current contaminants and then applying a protective barrier to protect from viruses and bacteria living on those surfaces for up to 90 days ensures that you are taking every precaution to help alleviate the transfer from the outside world back into your home.

*Please note these are recommendations of services only and will not protect from person to person transfer or other transfer of the disease. These recommendations of services are not replacements for social distancing, good hygiene, and other recommendations per the CDC and your local government. 360 Express Collision & Detailing is not liable should you contract the disease.



Never Wax Again! | Enjoy Easy Maintenance, High-Shine Gloss, & Protection for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s finish is constantly being attacked by the elements, which results in a dull finish, marred paint, scratches, and a huge headache and time waster having to constantly try to keep up with the maintenance. Wax can be beneficial, but for waxing to be of any true benefit, you’re looking at a new application every 1 – 3 months. What if there was a product though that made these worries disappear?

Thankfully, there’s another solution: Ceramic coating.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is like a second layer of skin for your car, a liquid polymer applied by hand that chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a hardened layer of protection.

It utilizes nanotechnology that forms a thin hydrophobic layer invisible to the eye, which results in water just beading and sliding right off. This layer is resistant to UV damage, scratches, chemicals, oxidation, and water spots. All while lasting years rather than only a few months with a premium wax.

Because of the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings, which is just a fancy way of saying it repels water, makes maintenance a breeze.  The repelling of water actual makes your finish self-cleaning! The dirt and grime from the elements get trapped in the water beading and slides right off and makes your washes last longer. When it is time to wash your vehicle though, your time will be cut in half. Just use a high-pressure hose and a mild PH neutral cleaner (which we can provide), and then dry with either a soft microfiber towel, or our personal favorite, a battery powered leaf blower. Our biggest ask is to use proper washing techniques to ensure your investment lasts.

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Why It’s So Effective

The nanotechnology at use here is nigh-revolutionary in what it has done for car care. Companies have spent years perfecting these formulas, and we are now in prime time to reap those rewards and provide an easy maintenance protection for your vehicle. It creates harder, stronger, more effective coating than any wax on the market, providing unparalleled protection for your car.

Ceramic coating is most popular with new vehicles or high-end car owners because of its effectiveness, and it is starting to become a top choice for owners of various types of vehicles, including leased vehicles.

Are You Ready for Easy Maintenance & Lasting Protection?

If you’re in Louisville or the surrounding areas and want to learn more about the options available, contact us today. 502-215-8354