Repair Wheels

Restore Headlights


Paint Touch Up

Prices starting at: $50

  • Makes paint imperfections nearly disappear (chips and scratches)
  • Prevents chips and scratches from rusting
  • Improves vehicle’s overall appearance
  • Increases the resale value of the vehicle


Wheel Repair

Prices starting at: $125

  • Repairs curb damage, gouges and scrapes
  • Restores polished or painted aluminum wheels
  • Repaint for a completely new look


Headlight Restoration

Prices starting at: $125

  • Increases night visibility
  • Reconditioning costs less than replacement
  • Same-day service
  • Improve overall appearance of vehicle
  • Increases resale value


Paintless Dent Removal

Prices starting at: $95

  • Repairs hail damage
  • Removes dents and dings
  • No painting necessary


Bumper Repair

Prices starting at: $275

  • Repair minor damage instead of replacing
  • Fix punctures, scraped, scuffs, cave-ins
  • Reconditioning costs significantly less than replacement bumpers
  • Same-day service (some cases)


Interior Repair

Prices starting at: $95

  • Hard plastic repair
  • Fabric repair
  • Vinyl and leather repair and reconditioning
  • Cigarette burns, rips, tears, fading, etc.
  • Panel replacement versus replacing entire seat covers


Fast Turn-Around

Our reconditioning services take less time than standard collision repairs to get you back on the road faster.

Leave It To The Pros

A lot of times we talk to clients who have attempted to take care of their own headlight restoration or touch-up and created additional damage. Let us do it right the first time.

Cost Effective

Rather than replacing your headlights, wheels or repainting an entire panel, come by for a consultation to see if reconditioning is a better option to get your vehicle back to its original beauty.

Details Matter

On the surface your vehicle can look decent, but then a few unsightly spots show even more. Our restoration services can truly make all the difference in your vehicle’s overall look.

Vehicle Reconditioning Experts

Vehicle reconditioning is an efficient, cost effective way of repairing damages that occur from daily driving. Our vehicles are at the constant mercy of shopping carts that create dents, curbs that scrape up our wheels, and rocks that get kicked up all over our hood and front bumpers. Not to mention the weather elements that create oxidation on our headlights which makes them look bad, as well as decreases our night-time visibility.

Our team of professionals at 360 Express Collision & Detailing will go over your vehicle with you so a plan can be built around which reconditioning services are best for your vehicle to get it back to its original glory. Paintless dent repair, paint touch-up, fabric, leather, headlights, bumpers, wheels… nothing is off limits when it comes to our vehicle reconditioning services.

Whether you’re getting your vehicle ready for resale, trying to get back on the road after a minor accident or wanting to fix everyday wear and tear, we’ll have your vehicle looking as good as new. Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle reconditioning services.