Exotic & Luxury Car Detailing




Exotic & Luxury Detailing

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  • Specialized Signature Interior Detailing which includes, but not limited to: Steam cleaning, leather conditioning, surface dressing, premium shampoo and extractor.
  • Specialized Signature Exterior Detailing which includes, but not limited to: Expert hand wash, tire & wheel wells washed and dressed, premium paint sealants, precision polishing.


Matte Finish Services

Call for pricing and time required (must see vehicle for precise estimate)

  • Specialized Signature Exterior which includes, but not limited to: Premium matte specific paint sealants, expert techniques to ensure the integrity of the matte finish.
  • Specialized ceramic coating specifically for matte finishes to create a hydrophobic surface, while ensuring dirt and grime slide right off.


Custom Coatings

Call for pricing and time required (must see vehicle for precise estimate)

  • Ceramic coatings can be applied to your luxury vehicle with the precision and care to ensure the integrity of your finish is not diminished while creating an ultra-sleek hydrophobic surface.
  • Sprayable paint protection is 8 mils + of the most advanced protective technology, which is self-healing, protects from rock chips, and uses no adhesive to guarantee no damage to your original finish.
  • Depending on the specific coating specified for your vehicle, they last 1 – 7 years.



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One Of A Kind

Your luxury vehicle is unique as you are and requires specific needs. We used brand tailored techniques and products specifically for your vehicle.


Even your limited production vehicle leaves the factory with relentless flaws in the finish. We can add depth, shine and gloss to your paint like never before.


We offer an al a carte menu of services to provide your vehicle with exactly what services it needs. We cover your interior & exterior detailing, as well as protection for your investment.


With over 20 years of experience, we will guarantee only the best for your finishes and surfaces. No short-cuts, nothing but premium products and services.

Exotic & Luxury Detailing Experts

At 360 Express Collision & Detailing, we understand that every high-end vehicle has very specific needs and that there are necessary precautions in place to ensure the safety of their surfaces. Various materials and finishes on a vehicle require specialized products and chemicals to keep them in their original condition. We use only the highest quality products to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition. From the trim to the leather and everywhere in-between, we take the time to guarantee perfection.

Many owners don’t realize luxury automobiles are often wet sanded down at the factory. This means that there can be an array of sanding marks in the vehicle’s coating straight from the factory. Luxury vehicles that have multiple substrates, such as carbon fiber, aluminum and composite materials, must be treated accordingly. At 360 Express Collision & Detailing, we have the machines, chemicals, tools and necessary knowledge to guarantee unparalleled results.

For the growing number of matte painted vehicles on the road, 360 Express Collision & Detailing is outfitted with products specifically designed to correctly maintain these unique types of vehicular demographics. We’re not saying that matte finishes can’t be maintained with prototypical care products. However, because of our “no corners cut” approach, we see it as imperative that we use the preferred products for these niches of vehicles.

Whether a client is looking for the proper maintenance wash for their matte investment or is interested in protecting it with a matte specific paint coating, 360 Express Collision & Detailing aims to reassure our clients that all necessary measures are taken, and tools are used to effectively and correctly maintain their vehicle.

Our protective coatings will keep your vehicle in top condition. These coatings are specially designed to be hard enough to protect the clear coat from the damage of wear and tear from either daily driving or just your weekend escapade. Ceramic coatings create a glass-like hydrophobic surface which repels water to ensure dirt and grime slide right off, just as a premium wax or paint sealant would provide, while also adding depth and unparalleled shine to your finish. The benefits of ceramic coatings are that they last years, not months. Same can be said for sprayable paint protection as well. This unique 2-step application provides 8 mils + of protection to your finish preventing rock chips, and damage from insect acids. The most important feature of sprayable paint protection is the fact that it is sprayed on, not laid on. Unlike traditional Clear Bra (PPF) this is no adhesive, no cutting on your vehicle, and there are no limits are protecting the architectural bodies of exotic vehicles.

Owning an exotic or luxury vehicle is a truly unique and special experience. Because your ownership and custom needs are a personal reflection, don’t trust your vehicle to just any detail shop. At 360 Express Collision & Detailing, we understand that every high-end vehicle has very specific needs. We use only the highest quality products and an expertly trained team to ensure your vehicle exudes quality, craftsmanship and perfection. Because of the nature of luxury and exotic vehicles, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation to ensure your experience is long-lived.