New Vehicle Protection


Just because a vehicle is brand new, it does not mean that it’s perfect. If a manufacturer was able to make a perfect car that boasted absolutely zero problems, then they would hold a monopoly on the auto industry. So far, we have yet to see this, and that’s why we’re here to help your car be as close to perfection as possible.

In many cases, new vehicles need to be machine polished to remove imperfections and to bring the gloss and clarity up to its full potential. Likewise, new vehicles come with no protection on the paint, wheels, glass, interior, etc., to keep it looking its best for a long time to come. 360 Express is your top choice for giving your car both the protection and the good looks you need so that your driving experience is as comfortable, enjoyable, and worry-free as possible. 

Just like the people that drive them, all cars are different in their own unique, individual ways.  Because not every vehicle is the same, and not every owner has the same wants and needs, we offer a variety of new vehicle protection services. Here at 360 Express, we’ve seen it all, and have done almost as much. If you have a new off-the-production-line ride that you’d like to schedule for our new vehicle protection services or have specific questions, please call us to discuss some of the below options.

New Vehicle Protection

  • All services include a quality hand wash and drying

  • Tires, wheels and wheel wells are detailed

  • Paint decontamination utilizing an iron particle remover

  • Protection for your finish with a high-quality paint sealant

  • All leather and vinyl conditioned and treated

  • GlassParency applied for 3-year warranty glass protection

  • Ceramic coating options for several years of protection

  • Leather and vinyl coating for top-quality protection

  • Fabric coating to provide extended protection

  • Customize your own vehicle protection package!