Avoid End-of-Lease Fees – Turn In Your Keys!

Avoid Fees

Repair Now

Getting Ready For End Of Lease Inspection


Call for pricing and time required (must see vehicle for precise estimate)

  • Any punctures or damage to the bumper, body or molding bigger than 2 inches in diameter
  • Any broken or missing parts such as emblems, mirrors, trim, etc.
  • Any rough texture, visible grinding/sanding marks, bad color match areas bigger than 2 inches in diameter, or excessive overspray
  • Bent, mismatched, cracked, or broken wheels or rims
  • Any exterior damage that significantly hampers the appearance of the vehicle or reduces its marketability



Call for pricing and time required (must see vehicle for precise estimate)

  • Interior stains, tears, cuts, burns and areas singed more than 1/2″ in diameter
  • Excessive pet hair
  • Cigarette smoke smell
  • Extremely soiled interiors
  • Any interior damage that significantly hampers the appearance of the vehicle or reduces its marketability


Repair Now Or Later

Leasing agents want you to repair the damages prior to final inspection and turn-in date. That way it makes the process of turning in your leased vehicle smooth sailing.


We have compiled this Checklist for you to have an idea if something will result in charges or if it will be considered normal wear and tear. Have question? Come in and see us!

Don't Get Dinged

Getting hit with Lease Turn-In fees is never the route to go. Let our expert team review the vehicle with you to make sure you’re in top shape for your lease turn-in.

Huge Savings

Waiting until the final inspection and having the Leasing Agent or dealership take care of the repairs will result in possibly hundreds of additional dollars spent on repairs.

Free End-Of-Lease Inspection

Is your leasing contract nearing the end and now you have an inspection staring you down? Let 360 Express Collision & Detailing ease your mind by providing a FREE End-of-Lease Inspection to get your vehicle car lease takeover ready!

Leasing agents WANT you to repair any damages prior to your inspection and lease turn-in date, rather than leaving the repairs up to them, which in turn also saves you hundreds of dollars! You will typically find on leasing agents pre-inspection checklists to “examine possible excessive use and wear on your vehicle and make any necessary repairs prior to lease turn-in.”

You’ve probably driven your leased car for two, maybe three years now, and it’s doubtless the vehicle has gained wear-and-tear throughout your time in it.

It happens, and lease inspectors know this, but they will still get you for a variety of issues, consisting mostly of damage that is either preventable or fixable. Therefore, it’s important that you prepare for an end of lease inspection in the most thorough way possible.

It’s better to be safe than sorry in a lease inspection because it’s the leasing company, not you or an objective third party, that will be determining whether you need to pay or not.

On average, a lease return starts about 90 days before the end of your lease. The leasing company (AKA the “lessor”) contacts you to set up an appointment for inspection. Damage that goes beyond the regular price of repairing wear-and-tear will be paid by you.

We work with the leading leasing agents in the Louisville area and know what they are looking for when it comes to inspection time. 360 Express Collision & Detailing can get you ahead of the game by providing cost effective solutions to any damage that transpired during your lease term.