Our vehicles start off seemingly perfect yet have paint imperfections directly from the manufacture and then are exposed to constant damage from rock chips, insect acids, bird-droppings, UV rays, treesap, and sprinkler systems. Here we have a wonderful new investment we’re proud of, but between the elements, daily commutes (or even just a weekend highway getaway), and constant maintenance we become tired and frustrated trying to protect our finish, and keep our vehicle looking great!

Until recently, the only option to provide top level protection for your vehicle’s surface was Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film). While PPF is a great, effective product, there are drawbacks. Overtime UV rays will cause the adhesive for clear film to turn a yellowish opaque color. And if you opt for a partial application (which most people do), there are clearly visible seams which can peel back and create dirt lines. Not to mention when removing the film, the adhesive is still there, it can be a pain to remove, and could ultimately cause damage to your vehicles paint finish.

So how can we truly protect your vehicle?


The best tried and tested invisible Paint Protection Spray on the market expertly applied by our Certified Installers at 360 Express Collision & Detailing!


Our Customized Paint Protection Spray –  Shield360

Shield360 is a highly crafted unique 2-part system which allows you to protect just about any painted surface on your vehicle. Imagine being able to protect the hood, front bumper, side mirrors, and fenders all without seams… Or better yet the extremely architectural bodies of exotic cars!

Other advantages of Shield360 are:

  • no cutting on your vehicle
  • extra layering possible for higher risk areas
  • can be wet sanded and polished
  • fully compatible (and suggested) with Ceramic Coatings
  • no seams
  • no adhesive glue
  • zero risk of yellowing
  • easy removal without leaving any residue or damage
  • no size limits
  • no “pull back” (shrinking) over time
  • no lifting edges
  • no trapped dirt
  • even distribution around edges, rather than stretching
  • fills minor scratches and swirl marks
  • crystal clear finish
  • matte & color change option available

Sheild360 is undeniably the best way of protecting the most high-risk areas of any vehicle from damage caused by small rocks and other elements. It will provide you with peace of mind that your vehicle is protected after application, and knowing that no one will be cutting on your vehicle during installation or that the film will look yellow a few years down the road and no seams staring you in the eye. Contact our Certified Team of Installers at 360 Express Collision & Detailing to learn more and discuss how you can start enjoying and not worrying about your vehicle!