People tend to think of spring and summer to get their vehicle professionally detailed. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting a freshly detailed ride out on the road with the windows down, listening to your favorite playlist, knowing that your paint is gleaming in the sunlight! But what are you doing to protect your finish and interiors before the harsh elements of winter hits?


Winter Car Protection

Winter is harsh on our vehicles. Starting in the autumn with the falling decomposing leaves sitting on your paint, not to mention all those pesky leaves making their way into your floorboards. Then once the sleet and snow start falling, your vehicle is getting coated with road salt, grime, mud and slush. These harsh winter elements stick to your finish a lot easier than their less stubborn summer counterparts. The build-up that can happen during the winter months leads to corrosion, meaning that the main culprit of road salt will start eating through your paint. If left unprotected and unattended, this will lead to paint damage and rust on your undercarriage. Winter is also a time when your vehicle is more likely to be scratched from road debris. Due to the extreme temperature changes, that certainly happen in Louisville, your paint will eventually crack, and oxidation sets in. Even if your vehicle is garage kept at home, you’re at higher risk of the salt damaging your vehicle when the ice melts. Rust forms when moisture and oxygen combine on metal, and salt only accelerates that process. Then after the brutal months of winter, in the spring you are left to fix the mess that the past couple months have caused. 

Why NOW is the best time to schedule your Professional Winter Detail!

Winter Car Paint Protection: Barriers are key in protecting any surface from the cold. Ensuring that you are protecting your vehicle’s finish with a premium paint sealant before winter strikes helps reduce the chances of more serious damage.

Road salt: Salt is a corrosive substance. When driving, this road salt will lodge itself into the nooks and crannies of your vehicle and continue to build-up unless it is professionally removed and ultimately lead to corrosion and rust. Our technicians will professionally remove salt from car carpets, they will do a complete undercarriage wash to remove salt and prevent any rust under car. The best winter car rust protection is for monthly detailing!

UV Protection: During winter months, the ozone layer in our atmosphere is thinner which means more harmful UV rays reach the surface. This applies not only to these harmful rays fading your exterior paint, but also causing fading and thinning to your dashboard, upholstery, leather and other plastic or rubber surfaces on the interior of your vehicle, which could be prevented with a professional grade conditioner.

Tire & Wheel Protection: It takes a lot of meticulous work to clean out wheel wells while ensuring your tires are properly dressed to provide longevity from build-up and corrosion. Enhance the look, life and safety of your wheels and tires.

Health & Safety: It has been long proven that our vehicles are one of the most highly bacteria ridden areas that we encounter if they are not properly detailed and maintained. While cold & flu season are in full swing, it is important to have a proper steam cleaning on the interior to remove the build-up of grime and 99.99% of bacteria that collects on your steering wheel, air vents, and shifter.

Maintain Vehicle Value: We know it is important to stay up to date on the routine mechanical maintenance of a vehicle, but detailing is just as important to keep that value intact. Routine professional detailing will keep your vehicle’s finish from fading, and your interiors from thinning or cracking.

Our Winter Car Protection 

1) Get your vehicle professionally detailed before winter strikes.

2) Ensure that your finish is protected with a premium paint sealant.

3) Wash your vehicle monthly & be on the lookout for any problem areas.

4) Protect yourself and your loved ones with a thorough steam cleaning.

If you take these precautions with your vehicle, your spring and summer will be a lot more enjoyable! Take it from us, we’re professionals.

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