Weekend Wash Promotion

Now Scheduling Saturday, March 16 (10AM-3PM)


Don’t let your busy work week get between you and a quality car wash. No spinning brushes, no paint-eating chemicals, no high-pressure touchless tunnels and nothing automatic!

At 360 Express Collision & Detailing, we believe that a perfect car wash is done 100% by hand. It starts with a gentle foam pre-soak to help break up dirt and debris. From there, your vehicle will experience an ultra-premium wash using our three-bucket method and premium products. We insist on our three-bucket method to ensure a great wash without inflicting any damage to your clear coat finish. We thoroughly clean your wheels with specialty brushes, apply a high-quality tire shine and degrease and dress your fenders. After a final rinse, your vehicle is dried with clean, premium microfiber towels. To finish things off, we clean all of your exterior windows and leave you with a streak-free finish.


  • CARS: $45
  • SUV-TRUCKS: $55
  • XL VEHICLES: $65